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Athletics Staff Directory | Coaching Staff Directory

Men's Basketball
Dave Leitao Head Coach (773) 325-7521 eMail Men's Basketball
Rick Carter Associate Head Coach
Billy Garrett Assistant Coach    
Patrick Sellers Assistant Coach
Kevin Edwards Director of Community, Corporate and Professional Relations   eMail Men's Basketball
Baba Diallo Assistant Director of Basketball Operations
Matt Fleming Video Coordinator
Linda Jepsen Administrative Assistant    
Women's Basketball
Doug Bruno Head Coach (773) 325-7507 eMail Doug Bruno
Jill M. Pizzotti Associate Head Coach   eMail Jill Pizzotti
Candis Blankson Assistant Coach   eMail Candis Blankson
Bart Brooks Assistant Coach   eMail Bart Brooks
Lisa Ryckbosch Director of Community, Corporate and Professional Relations   eMail Jill Pizzotti
Katherine Harry Video Coordinator   eMail Bart Brooks
Brittany Nicholson
Administrative Assistant   eMail Sue Dillon
Cross Country
Dave Dopek Head Coach (773) 325-4681 eMail Dave Dopek
Leah Bohr Assistant Coach (773) 325-4681 eMail Dave Dopek
Stephanie Townsend Assistant Coach (773) 325-4823 eMail Dave Dopek
Betty Kaufmann Head Coach (773) 325-7520 eMail Betty Kaufmann
Dave Cunningham Assistant Coach (773) 325-8766 eMail Tim Hamm
Men's Soccer
Craig Blazer Head Coach (773) 325-7231 eMail Craig Blazer
Craig Reynolds Assistant Coach (773) 325-4737 eMail Hobie Hare
Anthony Szymel Assistant Coach (773) 325-2162 eMail Hobie Hare
Women's Soccer
Erin Chastain Head Coach (773) 325-2075 eMail Erin Chastain
Michele O'Brien Associate Head Coach (773) 325-4735 eMail Michele O'Brien
Sarah Stanczyk Assistant Coach (773) 325-2161 eMail
Eugene Lenti Head Coach (773) 325-7253 eMail Eugene Lenti
Lindsay Chouinard Associate Head Coach (773) 325-4651 eMail Liz Jagielski
Tammy Williams Assistant Coach (773) 325-7547 eMail Tammy Williams
Jackie Spina Director of Operations (773) 325-7547 eMail Jackie Spina
Men's Tennis
Matt Brothers Head Coach (773) 325-1450 eMail Matt Brothers
Women's Tennis
Mark Ardizzone Head Coach (773) 325-7232 eMail Mark Ardizzone
Track & Field
Dave Dopek Head Coach (773) 325-4474 eMail Dave Dopek
Leah Bohr Assistant Coach (773) 325-4681 eMail Dave Dopek
Brandon Murer Assistant Coach (773) 325-4738 eMail Brandon Murer
Stephanie Williams-Townsend Assistant Coach (773) 325-4823 eMail Dave Dopek
Nadia Edwards Head Coach (773) 325-7250 eMail Nadia Edwards
Craig Boller Assistant Coach (773) 325-4215 eMail Nadia Edwards
Nicasio Paquiz Assistant Coach (773) 325-4057 eMail Nadia Edwards