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DePaul University Athletics
Sullivan Athletics Center
2323 North Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

Athletics Staff Directory | Coaching Staff Directory

Jean Lenti Ponsetto Athletics Director (773) 325-7504 eMail Jean Lenti Ponsetto
Kathryn Statz Senior Associate Athletics Director for Varsity Sports/SWA (773) 325-7502 eMail Kathryn Statz
Peter Tombasco Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Affairs (773) 325-7245 eMail Peter Tombasco
Katie Ramsey Executive Assistant/Athletics Director (773) 325-7504 eMail Katie Ramsey
Dave Corzine Assistant to the Athletics Director for Community Outreach (773) 325-7570 eMail Dave Corzine
Academic Advising      
Kate O'Brien Associate Athletics Director for Academic Advising (773) 325-7254 eMail Kate O'Brien
Jill Hollembeak Assistant Director of Athletics Academic Advising (773) 325-4034 eMail Jill Hollembeak
Andrea Mosher-Childress Assistant Director of Athletics Academic Advising (773) 325-7259 eMail Jill Hollembeak
Business and Financial Affairs  
Carolyn Lewis Associate Athletics Director for Business and Financial Affairs (773) 325-7524 eMail Carolyn Lewis
Erin McGovern Assistant Director of Business and Financial Affairs (773) 325-7600 eMail Erin McGovern
Greg Greenwell Associate Athletics Director for Communications (773) 325-7546 eMail Greg Greenwell
Alicia Pope Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (773) 325-4740 eMail Alicia Powers
Bob Sakamoto Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (773) 325-7525 eMail Bob Sakamoto
Doug Bakker Associate Athletics Director for Compliance (773) 325-4019 eMail Doug Bakker
Thad Dohrn Associate Athletics Director for Development/Athletics (773) 325-1456 eMail Thad Dohrn
Sean McDonough
Associate Director of Development/Athletics (773) 325-8604 eMail Lemone Lampley
Lemone Lampley Assistant Director of Development/Athletics (773) 325-7534 eMail Lemone Lampley
Mike Lenti Associate Athletics Director for Facilities (773) 325-7545 eMail Mike Lenti
Blair Banwart Assistant Director of Athletics Facilities (773) 325-7236 eMail Blair Banwart
Pat Teahan Assistant Director of Athletics Facilities/Equipment Manager (773) 325-4765 eMail Pat Teahan
Marketing and Licensing  
Karen Loiacono Associate Athletics Director for Marketing and Licensing (773) 325-7528 eMail Karen Loiacono
Sports Medicine      
Sue Walsh Associate Athletics Director for Sports Medicine (773) 325-4473 eMail Sue Walsh
Jeff Carrico Assistant Director of Sports Medicine (773) 325-4894 eMail Anthony Aldridge
Dave McAuliffe Assistant Director of Sports Medicine (773) 325-1451 eMail David McAuliffe
Sports Performance  
John Wagle Director of Sports Performance (773) 325-8025 eMail Chris Dresher
Chris Dresher
Assistant Director of Sports Performance (773) 325-8696 eMail Chris Dresher
Nic Higgins
Assistant Director of Sports Performance (773) 325-7734 eMail Chris Dresher
Ticket Sales and Operations  
Marty Murphy Director of Ticket Sales and Operations (773) 325-7535 eMail Jay Finnerty
Bob Krawchuk
Assistant Director of Ticket Sales and Operations (773) 325-1440 eMail Jay Finnerty

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