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About DePaul Dance:

The DePaul Dancers are a spirit team consisting of 10 -20 talented students.  Primarily, DePaul Dance performs at all Men’s and Women’s Basketball home games at both McGrath-Phillips Arena in Lincoln Park and Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL.   The dancers play a vital role in boosting school spirit from the sidelines and entertaining the crowd with award winning routines.  In addition, the DePaul Dancers perform at various campus events, participate in fundraising activities, partake in philanthropic activities and compete in collegiate dance competitions.

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General Information:

The DePaul University Dancers are one of DePaul's two main spirit squads (the other being the cheer squad) and is an active part of the athletics program. Dancers perform at all home men's and women's basketball games, as well as other university and community events. They play a vital role in boosting school spirit and entertaining the crowd at each appearance. Whether on the sidelines cheering or performing on the court, the Dancers are constantly supporting DePaul's teams. The DePaul University Dance Squad is also the two-time TDI Overall Grand Champion for Illinois Team Dance. Each year is uniquely different when it comes to competition but we always make it an option to compete.

Time Commitment
Practices start mid-summer, surrounding summer camp (dates TBA) and become regular after the Fall semester begins. These are most likely on Tuesday and Thursday nights, as well as Sundays. All dancers are required to be at every practice. Other extracurricular activities and work must be scheduled around practice times.

Besides practices, every member of the team is required to be at every home men's and women's basketball game. As a result, the time commitment increases starting in November. Dancers are required to be in town during DePaul's six-week winter break, as this is when the basketball season is getting started. Winter break housing is arranged through the squad and members use this time to grow closer.

The Dance game season ends at the conclusion of the conference/national basketball tournaments in March. The dancers travel with the basketball teams to the BIG EAST and NCAA tournaments so it is important that all members are available to travel. Tournament travel may occur during DePaul's spring break.

The Dance season runs through the end of April, 2015.

Financial Commitment
Each member typically may need to contribute up to $150-300 a year to cover expenses, but we try to limit this through fundraising. Financial limitations should never be a reason to not become a member. We will always work with each individual to make the financial commitment doable. We will also be doing a lot of fundraising to cover all competition expenses (on average each member will need to raise $1,000) but we will provide several opportunities for this to be accomplished fully and easily.

Interested students may email for further information.