2015-2016 DePaul University Dance Tryouts

Date: Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 8am-5pm.
Location: McGrath-Phillips Arena - 2323 North Sheffield, Chicago IL 60614

Upon arriving, please look for an individual wearing a blue "DePaul Dance Squad" shirt and they will direct you how to check in and where to go.

Interested dancers will be evaluated on technique, learn a jazz routine, a hip hop routine, and a short pom routine taught by our program. All will be auditioned before a panel of judges later in the day.

All full-time transfer and current full-time DePaul students are eligible to attend. Please bring your student ID and government issued ID, as well as your insurance card. PLEASE BRING the attached application as well as a head shot (does not have to be professional)

Dancers should wear form-fitting clothes such as crop top/tank top (sports bra is acceptable) with either shorts or yoga pants for the clinic hours. Jewelry and body piercings should be removed and tattoos covered (this lends itself to the collegiate/"game ready" appearance we're looking for). Hair pulled back and make up clean and fresh.

A small break will be given for all interested to change into Audition clothing. These should be form fitting crop top/tank with either shorts or dance pants - ALL BLACK / DEPAUL BLUE.

Below is a more in-depth description of the program and audition process.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

2015-2016 Tryouts Timeline:
8:00 AM Check-in time
8:30 AM Teaching will begin promptly. Opportunity to learn jazz, hip hop, and pom routine as well as showcase technique
12:00 PM Q&A Session
3:00 PM Tryouts will begin promptly. Demonstrate skills in front of judges
5:00 PM Results will be posted
Followed by: First Meeting for 2015-2016 DePaul Dance

Tryout Layout:

  • In the beginning of your tryout, you will be asked to please state your first and last name, what year you'll be entering in fall 2015 and entering status (current student, transfer student or incoming freshman). Give a brief history of your Dance background.
  • You will be asked a few more questions like:
    • Why you want to be on the DePaul Dance Squad.
    • What qualities you bring to the squad (character, personality, experience, etc.).
  • Jazz demonstration: Perform the Jazz Routine Learned at the Mandatory Dance Clinic with music provided. (do not add or modify any of the motions. Routines should be identical to what was taught.)
  • Hip Hop demonstration: Perform the Hip Hop Routine Learned at the Mandatory Dance Clinic with music provided. (do not add or modify any of the motions. Routines should be identical to what was taught.)
  • Pom demonstration: Perform the Fight Song Learned at the Mandatory Dance Clinic with music provided. (do not add or modify any of the motions. Routines should be identical to what was taught.)
  • Technical demonstration:
    • Double pirouette (any side)
    • Triple pirouette (any side)
    • Turns in second (two 8-counts)
    • Toe touch
    • Center leap
    • Right and left leaps

General Information:
DePaul Dancers are one of two main spirit squads (the other being the cheerleaders) and is an active part of the athletics program. The Dance squad performs at all home men's and women's basketball games, as well as other university and community events. DePaul Dance is also a Nationally Competitive squad, competing in the National Dance Association (NDA) Collegiate Nationals.

The Dancers play a vital role in boosting school spirit and entertaining the crowd at each appearance. Whether on the sidelines cheering or performing on the court, the Dancers are constantly supporting DePaul's athletic teams. Each year is uniquely different when it comes to competition but we always make it an option to compete.

Time Commitment
Practices start during the Fall semester begins (first practice sept 13th). These are most likely weeknights, as well as Sundays. One practice per week is dedicated to technique class, which allows for the squad to build their skills together for competition. All dancers are required to be at every practice. Other extracurricular activities and work must be scheduled around practice times.

Besides practices, every member of the squad is required to be at every home men's and women's basketball game. As a result, the time commitment increases starting in November. Dancers are required to be in town during DePaul's six-week winter break, as this is when the basketball season is getting started. Winter break housing is arranged through the squad and members use this time to grow closer as a squad.

The Dance game season ends at the conclusion of the conference/national basketball tournaments in March. A spirit squad travels with the basketball teams to the Big East and NCAA tournaments so it is important that all members are available to travel. Tournament travel may occur during DePaul's spring break.

The Dance Squad ends their season with the National Dance Association National Competition in Daytona Beach, Florida, in April. The few weeks leading up to this competition will require many more additional practices to prepare for this experience.

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