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Bleu Demons in France: Mart'e Grays

Today was the last day in France and I can honestly say that my teammates and I really enjoyed ourselves! We have learned, explored, and bonded together as a team. We went from walking the streets of Paris, to visiting beautiful Normandy, to exploring the extravagant Nice! This trip was a once in a lifetime experience, and I ...

Bleu Demons in France: Brandi Harvey-Carr

Our last full day in paradise was a blast! We started off the morning with an on bus tour around the beautiful city of Nice, France. Our tour guide Fredrick was great because even though we were on bus tour we made pit stops and were able to get off and explore the wonderful city.

Bleu Demons in France: ShaKeya Graves

These past days of traveling throughout France have been an experience of a lifetime for the entire team and one that we will remember forever!

Bleu Demons in France: Meghan Waldron

This is Meghan Waldron writing to you from Nice, France! Today was a very fun day for my teammates and I as it was our first day to explore Nice! Nice is very beautiful and has many stores, cafés, and restaurants and is located on the Mediterranean coast!

Bleu Demons in France: Megan Podkowa

Megan Podkowa here with your daily France update! Today we embarked on an adventure from Normandy back to the Paris airport, where we boarded a high speed train to Nice. This train ride was made much more enjoyable due to the breathtaking scenery of the French Rivière along with the fascination of the speed of the...

Bleu Demons in France: Lauren Prochaska

Today, our group visited Mont Saint Michel in Normandy. Mont Saint Michel is a small village with a huge castle in the center of it. Our group was able to go inside the castle to get a better understanding of what life was like back in the 10th through the 19th century.

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